Bang The Gavel

Bang the Gavel Auction Services offers a wide variety of programs for charities looking to enhance their fundraising efforts. Bang the Gavel was founded by Drew Donen, an auctioneer with more than forty years of experience in the industry. He has served as the auctioneer for thousands of charity events, helping raise tens of millions of dollars for a number of different causes.

Bang the Gavel offers two types of auction services for charitable organizations. To raise the most money, it’s recommended to have both at the event:

Live Auction: The team at Bang the Gavel puts the fun back into fundraising. A live auction is an exciting way to generate enthusiasm and raise money for an organization’s cause. Bang the Gavel handles the setup, cashiering, spotting, displaying items on stage, and, of course, the auctioneering.

Silent Auction: ¬†When an organization enlists Bang the Gavel’s silent auction services, its work is done. Bang the Gavel will handle everything, including set-up & display, bid sheets and invoices, closing of the auction, cashiering, and more.

To learn more about Bang the Gavel’s auction services and how its team can bring value to your event, contact a representative today at 805.496.4969.